Originally we started off in engineering dealing with utilities and geospatial information.  This progressed to multi-million pound project management and high-level consulting.  Then we ended up in events – from cable runs to generator fault-finding and maintenance, we have extensive experience as a freelance contractor and more recently working in the UK Film & TV industry on productions such as:


That doesn’t mean we’re not world wise, we have commercial in-country experience in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia in low and high threat environments on oil and gas, renewable energy and security projects.

We have provided our services in event and location management, operational logistics and risk management to clients throughout the UK and overseas.

What We Are

Hard working, tenacious and determined; coupled with oodles of common sense, a modicum of intelligence and a keen analytical mind.  We are in touch with our inner geek and love technology and the solutions it provides to help us in our work and more importantly providing beneficial results to our clients.