Is a precious commodity and with increasing demands on businesses large and small, we have to become more efficient.  Not only because there is less time available, but also because it makes good business sense. In this article it states that UK businesses could be wasting up to £28,000 per year due to inefficiencies and that up to 45% of the workforce is prepared to move jobs due to inefficient systems.

Often the reason for having inefficient systems is the expected capital cost of replacement combined with downtime / reduced productivity for training.  However it doesn’t need to be that way and quite often existing systems can still be used; just more efficiently with some changes to the external processes.

We’re Not That Big a Business!!

Hey…neither are we!  But we’ve worked for some very large firms and learned the hard way about maximising efficiency and these lessons can be applied to any size of business.

One of the biggest problems when you’re a sole trader or one man band is having time to see the forest for the trees.  Often it’s just not possible  – after all you need to get out there and do the work!

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