Business Efficiency

  • Assessment

So what do we mean by business efficiency?

Well first and foremost it is absolutely critical to the success of any business.

Secondly it's a very broad term that covers a lot of things - basically every part of your business.  All the things you do every day can have inefficiencies and if they do; it ultimately means your costs are higher which means you have to work harder.  It's not just baseline cost, it's the knock-on effect on time, quality and ability to take on more work.  Time is being utilised that could be better spent elsewhere.

Steps to Increasing Efficiency

It can at first seem a daunting task but it is in fact a relatively straight forward process, the only potential problem is you may not be able to see the wood for the trees due to existing workload.

  1. Review the current situation
  2. Identify potential inefficiencies
  3. Formulate solutions
  4. Quantify impact of potential solutions
  5. Plan the implementation


The main areas where technological solutions can help are:

  • Integrated calendar - everyone can see everything in one place - no shuttling back and forth by email.
  • Shared folders
  • Group email - then everyone is aware of what's going on - communication is the keystone of all businesses.

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