• Due diligence


“The typical business loses an average of 5% of revenues every year due to fraud. Globally this represents $3.7 trillion”. (QuickBooks 2015)

 The threat of fraud can emerge from a variety of origins – both externally and internally.

Outside of your business, you face a landscape of ever more adept criminals.  Operating in both the offline and online worlds they harness ever more sophisticated tools and techniques.

Within your business, you may be confronted with under-the-radar insiders, equipped with both tools and knowledge; yet such fraudsters have one powerful instrument over and above those in the external world: they have your trust.

Both of these realms have been made all the more grave by times of austerity, with each experiencing exponential growth – it’s clear that the threat of fraud may never have been so serious, and the consequences that may emerge may set your business back irrevocably.

Don’t become a part of the statistic –invest in due diligence and entrust our services to provide the robust protection from fraud that your business needs in today’s operating environment.  For those you trade with, for those you work with, trust can often equate to commercial negligence.

Background Checks

“Do they have the business background that they proclaim?”

“Are they safe to be around my children?”

“Can they to be trusted?”

Background checks can provide answers to otherwise unanswerable questions - both within the business realm, before so much as an investment is made or partnership is forged; and within the personal sphere – for individuals who seek peace of mind that those around their children or within their home are who they say they are without a hidden history.


The prospect of dealing with those who may otherwise be an unknown entity can loom large on the commercial horizon for even the most sizeable of corporations – and for the smaller of businesses even more so.

Make no mistake – investing in mitigation, and protecting your position, delivers the concrete assurances that you know exactly who and what you’re dealing with, and the intelligence that you gain can help you drive down the risks of a whole host of potentials, such as fraud, bad debts and unsavoury business relationships.

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