• Investigations



Our extensive intelligence gathering service seeks out the knowledge that our clients need, whether this be for business purposes, or personal.

People Intelligence

In the commercial realm, we can provide the intelligence about a potential business associate, a current company employee or company partner.  We can provide you with employment background checks and ensure that you’re fully informed as to the choices you’re yet to make – and the decisions that could otherwise potentially lead to corporate disaster.

For individuals, we’re able to provide personal background checks that they may seek out in order to protect their family, their children or their loved ones – providing concrete proof as to whether or not the person you’re dealing with, is indeed being truthful.

In short, regardless of whether for personal or business matters, we provide the intelligence that is required to fill in the blanks where there may currently be suspicion.

People Tracing

We’re tasked with tracing a spectrum of individuals who, whether through deliberate actions, or an entirely innocent series of events, have become otherwise unfindable.

These individuals are either sought from good intentions, or as a direct result of bad actions.

Family members, friends and long lost associates are found and reunited with those who’ve sought them out. Whilst former tenants and debtors are located to make good with those who they are indebted to – whether voluntarily or through litigation.

We overcome the elusive with experience and we’re capable of locating even the most secretive.  With a wealth of resources, industry leading techniques and 20 years’ of experience we’re able to locate those who both do, and do not, wish to be found.  Subject to workload we would expect initial results within 24 hours of you contacting us followed by a report to meet your individual requirements.